Barry and Braden's PR Times

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Welcome to the blog that documents the running adventures of Barry (the dad) and Braden (the son)!

Why am I doing this? On the advice of my co-worker, Adrienne Brietzke, this blog is a great way to keep a sort of diary of our running...especially Braden.

First a little bit about ourselves...

Braden and I live in Vilonia, Arkansas where he is a straight "A" student at Vilonia Elementary School and I am an officer in the Arkansas Army National Guard.

I've really been running for about the past four years starting at the age of 42. Am I an elite runner? No, but I've ran some pretty decent times, when I've been in good shape and not experiencing knee issues. I've ran four marathons, four half marathons, and several 5K and 10K races. 

As of this posting, my best times are the following:

Marathon - 3:44:55
Half marathon - 1:41:39
10K - 47:58
5 K - 22:08

Braden started running last year and ran his first race at the Toad Suck Daze 5K at the age of 6. Over the past year he developed "running fever" and is always in race mode, whether it is in a race or running to the mailbox,  or to the car,  or to whatever he thinks is worth racing to (which is anything).  After putting up some decent times in 5K races, he wanted to run 10Ks as well. So far he has run five 5Ks, three 10Ks, and a two-mile race. Over the past couple of months he has showed remarkable improvement in his times and has came in first place in his age group in the past seven races he has ran.

As of this posting, Braden's best times are the following:

10K - 58:04
5 K - 26:35
2M - 17:12

Because of his run times, we joined the Conway Running Club and the Arkansas Grand Prix Series, which gives him extra motivation in races running alongside some of the top runners in the state.

There is nothing more exciting than being able to actively participate in the running events with Braden!  I have sacrificed some of my running so I can run with him to teach him pacing, racing techniques, etc., but I look forward to the day when I won't be able to keep up with him! 

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